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Admin Birthday Promo + Small Changes

Started by mhmadfarajalla 2015-05-09 at 10:59
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Hi dear members,
today is my birthday
there for i made 3 days deposit bonus for the next 3 days from now, for more details click here. (promo has been expired)
this is the second time i celebrate my birthday with you guys since we started Ultimateclixx!
i wish you all happiness and success always

we have bought the open source script and paid all the current add ons again with total of $2500
we did all this just to be able to modify every single page and code in our site, so please don't hesitate with any new idea in mind, we will be able to do it if its suits the site and members needs

also we are having one of the strongest servers ever for the guys that likes technical stuff:
we have SSD in raid, 16GB of memory running on a 8 core CPU, just to keep everything smooth as much as possible!

Also due to the large number of requests that we receive daily in the support tickets for making more monthly upgrades and complains about the low ads value,
there for we have added Emerald monthly upgrade for $35 and removed the Flash Ads that worth $0.0001. now the lowest value is $0.00025 / Nano Ads.

all the current Flash Ads has been moved to the Nano Ads with the same credits, so no need to worry from our advertisers part, all loses are in our budget from this move just to make sure that our members are more happy now

Also we had several requests to increase our PTP earnings rate, this is a risky move, so we have to do it slowly and keep monitoring, there for we made 3 tires instead of one fixed tire of $0.00001 :
Tire 1: $0.00002
Tire 2: $0.000015
Tire 3: $0.00001

Also we are giving now 10% comm. from any referral direct that purchase any pack on our Custom banner Design Page, check the upgrade page for more details.

Also all ads are giving 1 point now for any membership type.

our new design will be ready soon, i am sorry for the delay, i have started my offline business around 2 months ago and it took a lot of my free time, i opened a flower shop: Farajalla Flowers.
please feel free to give it a like on facebook here

the offline shop is doing great and tripled my monthly salary, so our financial status is even safer now and no one will ever get worried about getting any delays on payments! like always not a single payment got delayed for more than 12 hours since 15 months!

that's all for now, thanks for reading and wish you all the best with our program.

Best Regards,
Ultimateclixx Admin
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Happy Birthday to Admin Farajalla
Wish You Health And Happiness.
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Happy Birthday Admin
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Happy Birthday

Where are you from?
Happy birthaday to you
manny manny happy returns of the day bro
Happy Birthday Admin!
Happy Birthday to Admin
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Happy birthday man! Protection Status