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We Completed 1 Year Online!!

Started by mhmadfarajalla 2015-02-14 at 15:33
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Hi dear members!
we completed another amazing milestone!!!! Ultimateclixx is now officially one year online!

thousands of PTC sites opened and closed/scammed during this period of time, but we are still here as we promised and we are more than confident to say that we will keep our promise for the next many years and will never let you down.

a lot of members has requested us to show our site status and we decided to show it for you to know how much stable and legit site we managed to make together

Total Deposits: $86796.73
Total Cashouts: $49431.07

As you can see we don't have 1 penny pending payment!
We are working every day to check all requested payments to proceed all cashouts as fast as possible within few minutes - hours.

Also we have our lovely Sandy in our Support Staff to make sure all your tickets get answered within 6 hours avg.

what we have achieved so far?
1- Provided a real Legit GPT site for all our members wither free or not to get paid for there work.
2- Doubled our security to make sure to pay only legit members to stay for the next coming years and become more stronger.
3- Gained hundreds of real advertisers to provide our members only real ads to click and get paid and this obvious from our ads page, you can see how much ads are available to click there
4- Added many ways of earnings and offers as you can see on the Earn Money section (+15 ways of earnings) and still adding!
5- Added Paid to promote section to get paid wile promoting us in return as appreciation and thanks for doing so.
6- Added our Hot Ultimateclixx Scratch Game for our members to win thousands of prizes and memberships!
7- Added Custom Banner Design and Splash Pages service to help our members and customers to success in any affiliate program.
8- Added Many Unique Contests such as our monthly Traffic Exchange contest and PTSU Contest.
9- Changed our Site designs couple times and we will do it soon as will , to keep our members comfortable, happy and excited, please let us know about what wither you like our current design or not, or if you have any notes you would like to be changed or added in our next design on this topic.

and we will add another 8 offerwalls in the next coming days as will to maximize our members gains and profits

Also for this amazing Day, we made the following to celebrate together:

+$1000 Referral Contest, please check it here for more details.

Add Funds Bonus! please check it here for more details.

Wish you always all happiness and success always and thanks from the bottom of my heart for all this amazing support, we would never achieve anything without your endless support.
On behalf of me and all Ultimateclixx staff, thank you, you can't imagine how much it means to me, love you guys

Best Regards,
Ultimateclixx Admin
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Amazing, congratulations on your great site Farajalla ...

I wish you luck and success to all ...

Steel Yearly
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congratulations and happy birthday for ultimateclixx .

I wish you good luck and many years and together we all going for the second birthday
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Happy Birthday Ultimateclixx! Congratulations bro
Happy Birthday Ultimateclixx!
Its really good effort Admin, good work, keep it up, long live Ultimateclixx!

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Let's go to the next level !!
Congratulations, very few has achieved this success. Congratulations once again.

Happy Birthday to you

Indeed, Sandy has always been very co-operative and friendly. This success can only be achieved through hardworking of UltimateClixx Admin and staff. Thank you!

BTW Happy Valentine's Day

Long Live Ultimateclixx
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Happy 1st Birth day ultimateclixx!!! It's a privilege to become a part of this family.
P..S. As Admin mentioned Sandy always been a amazing Support .. Thanks to her too.
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thanks guys, always glade to help
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Happy birthday Ultimateclixx. happy with this site achievement . KEEP THE GOOD WORK AND STAY STRONG! Protection Status