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Started by mhmadfarajalla 2014-07-31 at 01:48
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Hello members,

we are now more than 5 months online without having a single serious problem and without missing one single payment! always paying in less than 12 hours!!

this post is a little bit long, but it's so important if you are an investor here to know the last changes on the site, please read carefully:

we have made some calculatings and monitored the current site plans to make sure that we are walking in the right path for Ultimateclixx future, the RR plans limit are not distributor correctly with the current memberships plans, the memberships prices are a little high, also the advertising prices are too cheap!!

and we made this changes to fix the above.

for more than 5 months online we had the Record of the cheapest advertising plans at all time in PTC industry!

the second cheapest PTC site currently out there in the industry: (cashcamel) giving 3000 ptc credits for $1 for the same click value! that we was giving,10.000 ptc credits for $1

we was giving for only $1 the following credits: 10.000 ptc ad credits + 5000 banner ad credits + 5000 featured ad credits!

In spite of all this, members wasn't that happy because of all the small value ads...

its was good actually to give members pure real advertisers ads worth around 5 cents daily for free members in the past 5 months, but from what we noticed, since most of members don't like to click on 100 ad daily real from real advertisers, and they prefer to join and click on the sites that gives 1 cent per ads, this type of sites are giving fake ads from the admin him self, also this type of sites are only counting on selling RR and memberships, you can all notice that it not contains that's much ads daily from real advertisers.

for that, as we promised from the day one when we started this amazing project, that we will stay here for years, i made the right calculatings and made the following changes (please read carefully):

1- we increased the flash ads type from $0.00005 to $0.0001

2- since we have increased the ad click value, we have decreased the pt credits as will, here is the new price:
for $1 you will get 3000 ptc ad credits + 1000 banner ad credits + 1000 featured ad credits

even with this credits decreasing, we are still having the cheapest PTC credits!

3- no more monthly memberships, so we added 3 new memberships types: Steel, Emerald, Platinum to cover more rr and direct referrals limits, also to make it more stable , affordable prices and more profitable!

4- made new rented referrals filter to make sure that all memberships are profitable!

some ask what the secret to be in profits with RR? its so simple, get the max RR limit of your membership type and extend for a long period like 90, 150, 240 days

5- made some modification in the direct referrals upgrade comm. to suit the new memberships

6- we made a new upgrade page to be more clear and easy to understand.

feel free to check our upgrade page for more details.

note: For the current monthly upgraded members, they can open a support ticket before there monthly membership expires, and ask us to renew there membership for another month for the old price as following:

monthly Silver: $5.49
monthly Golden: $20.00
6 months Diamond: $240
3 months Ultimate: $245

until the end of this year, after that, you have to take the yearly memberships.

for the current Golden members, we will give you 1 year Golden membership for only $70!

please open a support ticket if you want this deal.

as you can see that some of the memberships got increasing on the rr click value and some others got decreasing, and some memberships cost has been lowered as will and some other memberships now getting more rr click value to make it more affordable and profitable for all members.

Silver members are now getting $0.007 per rr click instead of $0.006

Golden membership has 2000 rr limit instead of 1000 rr limit and we decreased its price from $300 per year to only $100

Diamond membership direct click value are giving $0.008 instead of $0.005

Ultimate membership direct click value are giving $0.01 instead of $0.008

we know that this is a big change, but in this way, we provided the maximum options for members to chose from and to make sure that members take what suite there needs, saving on budgets and making more profits!

oh yeas, some of you may not know this, but we are having a business paypal account since the day one we opened our doors, so if some of you are afraid from all what's happening with the other PTC sites around this days, you will not have any kind of that problems here.

we are 5 months online and still standing strong!! we wanna keep it this way for the next 20 years at least!!

since we started more than hundreds of PTC sites opened after us and already closed... the sad part is thousands of members Fell victims of those scam sites.

we promise you that you will never experience such things here!!

and we promise you that we will be in the top 5 PTC sites in the whole industry with time, you put your trust in the right hands here and we will never fail you.

(if any member feel that he have any kind of problems with this new changes, please open a support ticket and we will make sure that you will be pleased with our service.)

for this changes, we will give free recycling for 3 days! (ends at 2/8/2014 23:59 server time)
*** Be careful cheaters: any one will be caught misusing the free recycling in the next 3 days, will be suspended permanently.

also we have an add Fund promo for reaching +20.000 member and more than 5 months online!!

the add Funds promo bonus as following:

10$ - 19.99$ -- 5% Bonus to PB
20$ - 49.99$ -- 10% Bonus to PB
50$- 99.99$ -- 12.5%Bonus to PB
100$ plus -- 15% Bonus to PB

(the add Funds promo will end after 7 days from now until 6/8/2014 23:59 server time)

please reply here for the add Funds promo bonuses if you didn't receive your bonus in 24 hours.


to your success,
ultimateclixx admin
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this is serious changes here!

the upgrade page looks cool indeed

thanks for all your hard work to make this site better and better, i always supporting you
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Rocking Changes Admin!

Upgrade Page Gets More Alive Now!Prices are Very Cheap To Ensure Profit To Everyone!

Even Advertiser Members Can Make Profit From RR Now

Thumbs Up For New Changes
thanks admin
great promo for golden membership and add founds, also 2000 rr limit is

i will take it
nice admin
New membership page looks great, easy to follow and understand
Good work Admin
Quote: lynnphil
New membership page looks great, easy to follow and understand
Good work Admin

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Quote: rising38
Quote: lynnphil
New membership page looks great, easy to follow and understand
Good work Admin


thanks guys glade you liked it
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the 3 days Free Recycling ended. Protection Status