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How to post Screenshoot of your payment or anything on forum

Started by nikola94 2014-04-16 at 03:34
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First hello everyone, today i will make guide how to post SS on forum.

Well if you want to post SS of payment or anything on forum watch this:

1) You need to take a screenshoot, usually its by pressing PrintScreen button.
2) Then you need to copy that picture and save it.
2.1) The easiest way to capture it's by ''Paint''

2,2) When you enter in ''Paint'' just press Ctrl + V
2,3) Then you save it and upload it on internet, by any of these sites: imgur, imageshack..etc

3) Find on google, imgur.

4) On right side find the way to upload and choose computer.

5) Choose what picture you want to upload and click Ok.

6) Then click ''start uploading'' and wait until finish.

7) When picture is done with uploading, copy the dir. link url in the right

8) Go at your ultimateclixx account, find topic you want to post, or make new topic. Find on left side one picture(shown on SS) and choose it.

9) Paste link of your uploaded picture and finish that's all

If you have any doubt or problem feel free to reply on this topic.

Haaapy earningsss :)
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Nice guide friend !
Quote: Vishnuvardhan1996
Nice guide friend !

Thank you
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